With so many options its hard to choose!

We are here to help you! We know it is difficult to choose the best style, cut, fabric, and color for your project. But here at Moose N’ Weasel, our goal is to find the best product for you that all fits your artistic, budget, quality and deadline. If you don’t know, just ask… and if we don’t know- we’ll find out!

Many factors determine your printed project price. Most significantly: 


What cut, fabric type and weight, colors and sizes are you looking for? Darker items tend to be more expensive due to popularity and higher ink costs. There are surcharges for plus size 2XL and above. 


The price per unit goes down the more you order!


We don’t charge per color- because color is FABULOUS! We do have a small artist fee if you need custom artwork, or your artwork is not submitted in SVG, PNG or a readable format. 

Special requests

Need your order NOW? We can help. 

Mixing different colors and styles in your order? Adding rhinestones, glitter, or foil- really the possibilities are endless!

Lots of things to think about…

When ordering apparel you have many different factors to choose from. If you have a general idea, this helps us look for exactly what you want!

Cuts and Styles

The chart shows the most common cuts of tees and fleece. Standard cotton crew neck tees are the most popular t-shirt style and generally the least expensive. However, pricing on all of these styles, even basic short sleeve will differ significantly based on the brand and fabric. 

Please note that we will always do our best to inform you of sizing differences when looking at shirts. Ladies cut style shirts tend to run about 2 sizes smaller on average. Please keep this in mind when ordering. 


There are dozens of brands for blank apparel. We generally select the brand based on the style and budget of your order. If you have a specific brand you want us to work with- no problem! Just let us know and we will get you style options and pricing. 

Moose N’ Weasel does allow you to bring in your favorite shirt for printing. However please note, be can not guarantee the intensity or viability of color when printing. We do our best to discuss concerns we may have prior to starting your project. 

Standard Brands: Dallas Shirt, Delta, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Hanes, Jerzees, Port & Company. 

These brands generally offer a wide variety of products from tee-s to hoodies, in multiple cuts and styles. They offer economy options and some high-end options, but are typically the least expensive. 

Mid-Tier:  Anvil, District, LAT

These are reputable brands with high quality products that offer a great value alternative to more well-known premium brands. These also include vintage and tye dye washes. 

Premium Brands: Alternative Apparel, American Apparel, Bella + Canvas, Carhartt, Next Level

Trendy and fashionable premium brands. Often fabrics are softer, and have a better overall body fit. 

Performance Brands: A4, Adidas, Badger, New Era, Nike, Russell, and Sport Tek

These can vary significantly in cost based on their brand name, fabric features and such moisture wicking, weight, color and size. 

Fabric Weights

Weight is an important consideration when you’re considering what to buy. Consider its function, time of year/climate and your budget. Lighter weights and heavy weights tend to cost more than the standard weight products. 

Ultra-LightWeight: less than 4oz per square yard, usually 3.3 to 3.9 oz., ultra-lightweight items come with premium pricing, and more delicate and usually made of more premium soft blends. Beware that lighter colors and whites can be sheer (somewhat see though) given looser weave or a less dense fabric. 

Lightweight: 4.0-4.9oz, typically 4.2-4.5. Lightweight apparel is the most typical weight class for ringspun cotton and premium blends. Whites can be semi-sheer. 

Standard weight: 5.0-5.9oz, typically 5.0-5.5oz. this is a very common weight class for standard cotton apparel and promotional shirts. 

Heavyweight: 6.0-6.5 oz, typically 6.0 or 6.1 oz. Heavyweight apparel may be standard knit cotton, blends or ringspun. For example, the very popular Hanes Beefy-T, Comfort Colors and Comfort Wash brands are all 6.0 or 6.1 oz ringspun cotton tees. 

Hoodies/Fleece: Weights for fleece products generally range from light 6oz to mid weight 7-9 oz, with heavy being 9oz and above. Champion overs a very heavy hoodie at 11oz+. 


Softness is a key driver of perceived quality and price. Over the past decade manufacturers have intoduced sophisticated blends, many of which feel luxurious to the touch. 

You can feel the difference. If you can afford a small increase in your bottom line cost, we recommend ringspun, ringspun blends, and some soft style options. You and your customers will feel the difference. 

100% Cotton (from least soft to most soft): 

Standard: Jersey Knit

Soft Spun

Ring Spun

Combined Ringspun

Blends (from least soft to most soft):

Standard cotton/poly

Ringspun cotton/poly

Triblends (e.g ringspun, rayon, poly)

Sizing of Print

It is important to note that the print size will not necessarily the same across all sized items. For a narrow set of sizes (e.g) S, M, L, XL) a single size print is fine. For jobs that range from youth to oversized adult sizes, we would suggest adjusting your image to allow your print to look its best. 

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